USS George Washington CVN-73:

Contracted by General Dynamics NASSCO Norfolk to replace all four Port Steering Gear HPU’s. A system flush, and the ram cylinder hot oil lance was also accomplished. All work were completed in 19 days, which allowed the ship to maintained their underway deployment schedule. Job was completed -4/16


USS Carter Hall LSD-50:

Contracted by GD NASSCO Norfolk to replace the USS Carter Hall LSD-50 port and starboard Steering Gear HPU’s. A system flush, and ram cylinder hot lance was also accomplished. All work was completed in 11 days. Contact Mr. Dave Baker, GD NASSCO Norfolk Senior Director of Operations at 757-605-8398. Job was completed -12/15

From: Hilarides, William H VADM Naval Sea Systems Command, SEA 00 Subject: 08 January 2016 All Hands MARMC Waterfront Operations LPD/LSD Branch completed emergent work aboard the USS CARTER HALL (LSD 50) steering pump system Nov. 30 – Dec. 11. The repairs were completed in less than two weeks allowing CARTER HALL to complete its type commander trials before the holidays and return to combat readiness. A great job of teamwork from all (S/F, NASSCO, MARMC, and Global Marine Industrial Services) to get this work completed in record time.


USS Monterey CG-61:

Contracted by BAE, NSR to replace the Port and Starboard anchor windlass HPU’s and Hydraulic motors onboard USS Monterey CG-61. They also accomplished a complete system flush, and groom. Contact CNSL Port Engineer Jason Herman at 757-469-4524. Job was completed 10/15